Logistics Service Providers


Logistics Service Providers are the enabler of the finished vehicle supply chain. Specialist equipment and skilled operators ensure a majority of vehicles are safely transported over long distances with little protection, and still arrive undamaged.

However, the pressures of loading and unloading vehicles quickly, doesn’t always provide the optimum conditions to correctly identify damages and failure to identify these can lead to significant liability.

UniCar’s expert inspectors are trained and regularly audited to inspect vehicles efficiently and effectively according to the latest quality standard. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we capture all information and photographic proof digitally, and can provide access to data on the condition of all vehicles almost immediately online via our web portal. Our database also allows clients to run trend analysis reports to show the root causes of repeated damage in the supply chain.


Our range of services include the following

  • Terminal receipt
  • Road and rail loading audits
  • Vessel pre-load and post-discharge inspections
  • On board attendance
  • Port captain services