Claims Management

Under our specialist claims management division brand, UCM Global external link, the core purpose is to reduce the frequency and net retained cost of damage in the finished vehicle supply chain. We are equally competent with managing inbound component losses.

The combined impact of sector specific experience working with insurance market know how and systems knowledge through offices worldwide, means UCM Global external link is uniquely able to work with its international customers to deliver more factory fresh vehicles, first time and on-time.

Our service is available in all regions and is supported by the group’s worldwide automotive division network to enable language and cultural understanding. This gives us an improved understanding of local conditions that may affect recovery or damage reduction initiatives.

UCM Global‘s external link value proposition support the following offerings:


Processing and Recoveries

Like any service, the customer value will be based upon the impact to its own customer standing and the cost benefit. Only the right experience of the people delivering the service will make a real difference. Our people are the differentiator amongst our peer groups.

Our recovery and subrogation success rate is well above the sector average. This is achieved through a combination of effective recovery routines and accurate identification of liable parties.


Risk Management

Risk management is about damage reduction initiatives, improving efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Based on a three stage approach, we plan to reduce damages through improved processes or contractual condition, we then manage damage occurrences in a real-time environment and finally use the wealth of data compiled to identify further reduction activities including training.


Vehicle Damage Evaluation

We meet and exceed the requirement to effectively manage least cost repair techniques and associated labour and parts costs to the lowest level, with a strong bias to brand influences and crucially using our engineering expertise.

Through office or field based engineers, who are experts drawn from the accident repair workshop sector, we can review and validate or challenge repair estimates based on manufacturers recommend times, techniques and costs. Savings from this service are typically multiples of the cost of this service and typically comes with a guarantee.


Supporting Insurance Programmes

We understand the automotive inbound and outbound supply chain – a significant step up from simply being a claim processor. We can also provide relevant detailed management information for accurate presentation of statistics to brokers and underwriters.

We can support revenue recognition adherence, catastrophic loss events and downgrading or total loss management of vehicles.